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 WTS Yugo m70 handguards, FSB, top cover, pistol grip
jonpo  [Member]
9/20/2009 2:46:24 PM EST
I have the following items for sale. Payment via USPS MO or discrete PP (+4%).

These are cross-listed, so I will be going by the lowest timestamp.

I know I hate wondering what shipping will cost before I buy an item. Because of that, nearly everything now has shipping costs already included

Yugo pistol grip. The one on the left is for sale. I also have one more not pictured. ($13 shipped each)

Milled m70 top cover. Very nice. Some finish wear but no dents. You even get some cosmoline with it! ($13 shipped)

Yugo m70 recoil spring. What can I say, it looks as good as any I have ever seen. ($15 shipped)

Yugo Handguards. Some have carvings. Carved side is shown. Each pic is a different set of handguards. ($27 per set shipped)

Romanian slant brake. ($5 shipped)

Virgin Yugo FSB. No night sight parts. Everything else is there ($18 shipped)

Romanian 2 cell pouches. Pretty good condition. (Both for $7 shipped)
AK Builder trigger guard screw plate. Never used. ($4 shipped) *SPF*
Virgin Yugo grenade sight. ($7) Now $5! *SPF*
Brand new original Yugo grenade launching spigot. Looks perfect. Not rusted like one from Apex. ($45) Now $40! *SPF*
Yugo m70 fixed stock. Very nice. No carvings or cracks. No hardware included. ($50) Now $45! *SPF*
Russian bandage packs. 1982 date. ($4 each. Both for $7) *Both SPF*
RSA standard length gas piston. Brand new ($12) *SPF*
Yugo front night sight spring. Looks like a hairline crack in the middle. It still works, though. ($5 shipped) *SPF*
Yugo pistol grips. 1 is marked "USA" but I am not too sure about it. It looks like someone just stamped it on. ($13 shipped) *Both SPF*
East German bayonet. Looks very close to a Yugo but without the Yugo price! There are 2 sets of elecrtopenciled markings. Each set matches. ($27 shipped) *SPF*
Milled m70 gas tube. Some cosmoline inside. I do not see any rust inside the tube at all. It came from a barrel that looked very near unfired. ($16 shipped) *SPF*
Yugo m70 fixed stock rubber pad. We all know that there are near impossible to find. This one is very nice. No cracks, gouges, etc. ($30 shipped) *SPF*
Yugo m72 handguards. The worst side is shown. There are several gouges that may steam out. Otherwise they look very nice. No cracks or carvings. Includes ferrule but no spring. ($35 shipped) *SPF*
US made Yugo pistol grip. This is the real deal reproduction made a few years ago. Hard to find now. Marked inside in raised letters. ($32 shipped) *SPF*
Izzy 7.62 Bakelite mag. Veteran of the Balkan conflict. Apparently, it belinged to Fahir. He carved some dates from spring of '95 that must have been important to him. ($50 shipped) *SPF*
Yugo m70 milled bolt carrier. Some patina on the surface. Looks very good. Free shipping if you let me pull the piston, so it takes up less space. You will still get it, though. ($25) *SPF*
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jonpo  [Member]
9/23/2009 6:06:31 AM EST
New stuff added up top, and lower prices too
jonpo  [Member]
9/26/2009 2:57:00 PM EST
Added a few more things
pupwag  [Team Member]
9/27/2009 3:19:37 AM EST
I'll take the M72 HG set $35 shipped
nitro4blood  [Member]
9/27/2009 10:21:33 AM EST
I will take the US yugo PG as per email. Thanks.
jonpo  [Member]
10/3/2009 9:05:17 PM EST
jonpo  [Member]
10/7/2009 2:47:03 PM EST
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