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 WTS: Danish M50 Madsen 9mm SMG parts set...SOLD!
Kimbo  [Member]
8/11/2007 9:15:28 AM EST
For those of you that are (financially) fortunate to own a NFA-registered, transferable, C&R Danish Madsen M50 9mm SMG, here’s a parts set (less the center section of it’s receiver) to stash away, so you’ll NEVER have to worry about locating a part for it. NOTE: All parts are gray parkerized, NO black paint, except on extra barrel & 2 mags.

Complete REAR receiver section:

Rear sight assembly attached.
Rear sling swivel attached.
Complete folding stock assembly attached (no leather.)
Receiver is band saw-cut (top to bottom) just behind where the trigger would be.
NO magazine loader in pistol grip.

Complete FRONT receiver section:

Front sight base and front sight post attached.
Front sling swivel attached.
Barrel trunion (w/ barrel nut threads) in place/securely attached.
Barrel nut.
9mm M50 barrel with excellent bore.
Receiver is band saw-cut (top to bottom) through the mag well “dimple.”
Attached extractor (what’s left of it) MAY still be useable.

Fire Control Parts:

Trigger, sear, magazine release and bolt/action safety lever (sorry, no safety tab.)
Various pins and springs that appear to go with each part above.
Complete bolt assembly, with extractor, pin, bolt handle and pin.
Complete recoil spring and recoil spring guide rod assembly.
I will throw in a rubber buffer for the recoil guide rod assembly.

EXTRA M50 SMG parts:

TWO extra M50 extractors…one inside of pistol grip, one is loose.
ONE extra M50 9mm barrel with excellent bore (painted black.)
TWO 32 round, 9mm M50 magazines, like brand new and painted black.

ALL NFA rules apply for this parts set. These parts are for use in/for a registered M50 Madsen SMG. I won’t sell this parts kit to anyone under 21, so send me proof of age, please? I’m sorry, but NO pics are available as I don’t own a digital camera, so just imagine looking at a M50 SMG with the entire center section (from the trigger to the middle of the mag well) of its receiver missing. No trades or offers, thanks. Please Email me DIRECT at with any questions you may have. First confirmed “I’ll take it,” gets the set and will supercede any “Well, let me think about it, OK?” inquiries. Thanks for reading through. Kim…out.
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