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 Adjusting pre accutrigger savage trigger
ziebart  [Member]
7/12/2007 11:31:56 PM EST
I have a pre accutrigger savage model 11 in 243 win and it is ok, but the trigger is stiff. It breaks clean enough but I think the pull weight is keeping me from shooting tight groups. Is there anywhere that has instructions on adjusting the trigger. Or do I need to practice and live with the marginal trigger. I love two stage light triggers that break clean, so it is not much fun to shoot this little rifle.
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9secondsflat  [Member]
7/13/2007 2:58:55 AM EST
i dont believe they are adjustable....for about 85 bucks you can drop in an after mkt trigger.

Savage rifles have been touted as "the most accurate out of the box" by many. The biggest complaint however is the stock Savage trigger. A hard pull is not conducive to good accuracy. A hard pull makes it very frustrating and difficult to concentrate on your target. Imagine how much easier it would be if you did not have to put a "death-grip" on the trigger.
The Sharp Shooter Competition Trigger is designed as a drop-in replacement. It may require some alteration to the trigger guard on some models, depending on the type of stock. The Sharp Shooter Competition Trigger is fully adjustable in respect to engagement, over-travel and weight of pull, and uses the original factory safety. The pull range is approximately 2lbs. to 12oz. The Competition Trigger comes complete with installation instructions and the wrenches needed for adjustment.

We currently have a supply of our old-style (pre-AccuTrigger) Competition Triggers available. These are ideal for those with a Stevens 200 or an older pre-AccuTrigger model Savage.

New-Style Competition Trigger: $90.00 (for AccuTrigger models)
Old-Style Competition Trigger: $85.00 (for pre-AccuTrigger models and the Stevens 200)



The Sharp Shooter Match/Target Trigger for Savage rimfire rifles is not a replacement trigger, but rather a total conversion. It converts the factory fulcrum/lever style trigger to an over-ride style trigger, the same style found on most modern centerfire rifles.
The Sharp Shooter Match/Target Trigger provides all of these adjustments, with a pull weight of 3 pounds down to 10 ounces. (Because of Savage production tolerances in the rifles themselves, these pull weights may vary slightly from rifle to rifle.)

A set of detailed instructions are packaged with each trigger, along with a diamond flex hone for polishing the striker and a 1/16" allen wrench for making adjustments.

Match/Target Rimfire Trigger Price: $79.95
(Note: Match/Target trigger will not fit newer AccuTrigger models)

Kletzenklueffer  [Team Member]
7/13/2007 3:14:04 AM EST
The factory trigger is adjustable, but be careful. If you get too low (under around 2.5 pounds), it's dangerous. There is a stright piano wire type spring on the side of the trigger group. At one end there is a bend. The bent end goes in a screw. This adjusts tension on the sear. There is another screw in the front that adjusts engagement on the sear.

Here's details on the adjustment

If you get it too light, when you close the bolt, the trigger will disengage from the sear and the rifle will fire. Once you have the adjustment to the way you like it, rack the bolt and slam it home a bunch (on an empty chamber of course). Test it with scrutiny. I learned this the hard way. luckily I was at the range and the rifle was pointed at my target, but it's very uncomforatble having your rifle shoot when you push the bolt forward.

The suggestion for a SSS trigger is a sound one.
Kletzenklueffer  [Team Member]
7/13/2007 3:16:39 AM EST

Originally Posted By 9secondsflat:

Made hot (so I can check out the rimfire trigger!!)
ziebart  [Member]
7/13/2007 2:54:44 PM EST
I understand that a new trigger would be the best way to go, but I will try and adjust it first.
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