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 Ruger P89, P94 and P95 9mm differences?
Ryno_the_wyno  [Member]
5/3/2006 11:46:50 AM EST
Looking at getting a Ruger 9mm for my girlfriend and I don't really know the differences between the P89, P94 and P95. I know the differences chronologically, but functionally I am unsure. We really like the P95 and she shot one recenty and loved it, but we looked at the P89 and P94 and really liked them too. IIRC, both the P89 and P94 are safety/de-cockers like the Beretta 92, whereas the P95 is just a decocker, like a Sig 226 and doesn't have a safety. Is this correct?
She really likes the P95, but then again, she said they all felt similar. I would like to see her get a P94 as then I could buy her Lasergrips, but not at the expense of getting an inferior gun. Out of the three, which is the "best". I guess I am just trying to discern the main differences between the three and select the best one. Any help would surely be appreciated.
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aaronrb204  [Member]
5/3/2006 3:06:43 PM EST
all three models can be found in decocker and safety versions. i have a decocker p95. the p94 and p95 both have a shorter slide than the p89. i know that the p95 has a newer cam block operation and the p89 is different. i am not sure if the p94 is different or not. all are service type sidearms and will generally refuse to jam or malfunction otherwise. none are really better than the others in terms of reliability though the fit and finish of the p94 is generally a bit better than the others. but if you get one of the newer p95 models with the rail and stippled grip you can put a laser out on the front and it will be cheaper than laser grips. oh and they all take the same mags.

you should note that the p94 is no longer made in 9mm but only in .40sw and while marked p94 is known in the catalog as p944. so make sure that any p94 you see in any store is what you want. if it is 9mm it is probably a used pistol.

but you can't go wrong with any of them.
HoodyHoo21  [Member]
5/3/2006 6:20:17 PM EST
I dont have much to offer you in the diffrences between models. I have the p89 and love it. It has never jammed and is VERY accurate. I dont like the double action pull and cant compare it to the other models. Mine has the houge grips and they are sweet, way better than the stock. It has a de-cocker/saftey lever. I guess what I am trying to say is that I believe it would make a great gun for your girlfriend. My fiance likes mine
aaronrb204  [Member]
5/4/2006 2:40:31 AM EST
yeah the double action trigger on my p95 sucks too. i think it is common to all of the rugers.

if you really want to know all the differences between these three models go ask over at ruger forum.
enemy  [Team Member]
5/4/2006 7:28:28 AM EST
I have a P-89. I would rather have the P-95. The trigger is better and the gun is lighter. THe frame is somewhat thinner as well.

The polymer frame won't peen or get damaged. Remember, Rugers are cast aluminium.

How about getting her a Bersa .380? My friend recently bought one and the trigger is far superior to a Rugers'. The Ergonomics are also IMO much better than a Rugers. Especially for a female.

One the plus side, they are virtually indestructible and they are dead reliable. Mine has never jammed.
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