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 Anyone ever used the armalite clamp on front sight base?
gd3  [Member]
6/14/2008 6:49:21 PM EST
Just wondering if anyone has ever used one...

I currently have a free float setup and would like to go to a fixed front sight base. I wasnt sure if I should go with this or just send the barrel to Adco and have a fixed front sight base professionally installed. The armalite clamp-on is about half the price, and it looks like I could probably install it myself. As always, any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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bushflyr  [Member]
6/14/2008 8:29:58 PM EST
I havne't used that one in particular. (I went with the PRI clamp on) But, I debated for a while about clamp vs. pinned. Pinned is there, permanently, it ain't going to move. Clamp on, OTOH, gives you the ability to center your rear sight and zero your irons with the front sight. Any windage adjustments can then be made with the rear without having to remember your inital zero point. I figured that with some torque and a little lock tite the clamp ons were tough enough and the adjustability was worth it.
Leg  [Member]
6/15/2008 2:22:40 PM EST
Yes, I had one on my Armalite that I bought used. It seemed decent enough, but like you, I worried about how rugged it was so I had it replaced with a regular pinned on FSB. It certainly isn't any worse than any other clamp on block out there though.

ETA: Half the price? Where are you getting your FSBs from? I believe that CMMG sells them for around $25 bucks or so. Shouldn't cost too much to have someone like ADCO install it for you.
mjcarter  [Member]
6/20/2008 8:18:44 PM EST
Yes. I have a couple of these and I like them. The clamping surfaces provide ample strength. I don't think it will ever move it once it is tightened. You can always put some blue loctite on the screws and clamping surfaces, but I don't think it is necessary.

Edited to add: This front sight is the easiest fix for rifles with a windage adjustment problem and will allow the rear to be mechanically centered.
gd3  [Member]
6/21/2008 8:58:48 AM EST
Thank you everyone for your responses...just one more quick question. Will this sight work with a flat top upper? I heard that the front sight height may be different...

Thanks again for all of the valuable information!
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