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 GRSC's QD CQB sling .....(PICS)
postban  [Member]
8/7/2002 12:48:00 AM EST
I am trying out a new CQB sling from and really liking its features.

Pic shows it attached at the front, this is for my prototype only, so far. Typically it is pure single point.

First off it is adjustable for length. Not just "normal" adjustable, this thing can go from "way-too-short-for-me" to "way-to-long-for-me" which means it will fit wearing a t-shirt or full vest and gear.

It also has some custom options available. You can specify which attachment method you like. Look here to pick one. I chose this marine (as in boating, not HOO-AHH) snap hook.

There is 21 pics in a photo album of this sling here.

It transitions great from right to left, that adapter plates are well made and easy to use and install, and the "free" position (no hands) can be raised or lowered because of the slings adjustability.

The adapters are also sold by DPMS but GRSC is their source for them, found that out by talking to Ed Verdugo of GRSC.

I have wrung this thing out on a few impromtu courses at the range and pied the crap out of my house too, it works great.

I also got one of their SNAPSLING's to try but I'm still playing with it. Pics in a couple days.

postban out
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RFB  [Member]
8/26/2002 5:08:48 AM EST


"So if they hold the patent is GG&G infringing on the patent with their sling plate?"

It would be inappropriate for me to comment on that issue, but one may visit the GRSC site and view the pertinent patent number and information.

TrojanSec  [Member]
9/3/2002 12:11:34 AM EST
Does anyone have an email of this company?
I could not find one on there website and have been to busy to call.
Looks like they have some awesome products.
seahunt  [Member]
9/3/2002 10:32:44 AM EST
RABIDFOX50  [Team Member]
9/10/2002 9:13:19 PM EST
I just got my setup from GRSC yesterday and I LOVE IT! Same setup as yours POSTBAN but minus the front sling mount. Our dept. has open shooting this month and I can't wait to put it to some real life tests. This is one of the best products I have seen for the AR/M4 in a long time. I'm sure some of my buddies will be fallin all over themselves to order from GRSC!
S-28  [Member]
9/10/2002 9:29:35 PM EST
Another vote for Ed and GRSC.
I contacted him a month ago concerning a solution to some of our issues at the "Ranch",Ed was kind enough to send 2 slings and adaptors,a prototype front adaptor,and an ambi adaptor for us to T&E...GRATIS!

Now I must admit for our uses the sling we tried isn't what we need as we found out,but there is another sling in his inventory that looks to be the solution.
The two slings he sent and we T&E'd will be kept by myself and another officer for our personal M4's and we are gladly sending him the Visa number.
The quality of the CQB sling is second to none,and it is well thought out for the role it was designed for.We proved that in the fun house,and numerous drills.
Did I mention his prices for LE and agency's are wonderfull??
Civillian pricing is better than the others as well.

If any of you guys are looking for first rate gear...look no further.


cnatra  [Team Member]
9/10/2002 9:43:30 PM EST
I like the look of that setup!
ArmdLbrl  [Member]
9/23/2002 11:20:43 PM EST
RABIDFOX50  [Team Member]
9/25/2002 10:08:29 AM EST
Well its offical. This sling setup (just single point) is THE BEST!! Great balance and transition capability. Only thing I don't like is the Brass connector. It keeps rubbing on the finish of my M4. I made a "sock" out of some black nylon the wrap around it to prevent not only rubbing/scratching but also to "hide" it in low light situations. Does anybody know how to make brass black without sloppy paint? Anyway everybody that's seen it on my M4 wants it now. It was just what I was needing. Thanks for posting this topic. FRONTSIGHT-AR15 Out!
postban  [Member]
9/25/2002 2:32:09 PM EST
The little sock cover or maybe use electrical tape (partially cover), maybe a black cloth wristband could hide the brass QD clip if it bugs you.
RABIDFOX50  [Team Member]
9/28/2002 9:22:05 AM EST
The sock thing seems to working out fine. No scratches and no brass showing. I guess simple is the way to go!
postban  [Member]
11/24/2002 2:28:30 AM EST
up you go
txswat  [Member]
11/25/2002 10:56:03 AM EST
I have two of those CQB slings, one for work gun and one for personal gun. I have been using them for about 6 mos and it is THE best single point sling I have seen. I have the one with the quick release and it is awesome.
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