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 Early Colt 30 rd magazines
thomas41  [Member]
11/9/2012 7:12:53 AM EST
In 1971 ibought a Colt SP-1 and got some 30 rd magazines with the Colt part # 62667 on the body and 62665A on the dark green follower with Colt floor plates marked Cal 5.56mm. I looked at the FAQ section which was updated in 2006 and it said they were collecter valued at about $45. I was told these magazines were made by Colt before Colt subcontracted magazine production to OKay . Could someone tell me some updated history about these magazines and approximate value today? Thanks.
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Joe_Pennsy  [Team Member]
11/9/2012 8:56:37 AM EST
I can't help, but here's a recent EE ad:
thomas41  [Member]
11/10/2012 4:06:02 AM EST
Thanks that is what I was wanting to know. My magazines are exactally like the two Colt magazines.
RogueSpear2023  [Member]
11/11/2012 8:22:13 PM EST
Pre ban mags also tend to be worth more because certain states state that you can only own pre ban mags, therefore there people will pay a premium for them. As far as collectors who knows.