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 preban thermold markings?
RangeWarrior  [Member]
4/16/2009 4:29:37 AM EST
guys, what are the markings on a preban thermold? also, are these as good as USGI?
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osprey21  [Life Member]
4/16/2009 5:07:27 AM EST
They have THERMOLD D&D Inc. Wilson, NC USA on the bottom left side.
desertmoon  [Team Member]
4/25/2009 9:44:27 PM EST
U.S. Thermolds have the following on the bottom left side of the mag:


D & D INC.



on the right is a mold number such as ( but not limited to )


United States made Thermolds are very good general purpose mags for the AR-15. I am not very impressed with their M14 mags because of a creep issue with the front locking hole creeping after extended use. The AR mags are very, very decent. I even froze a fully loaded one in my old, cruel freezer back in the day....and then dropped it lips first onto my took the beating. The M14 one, however split at the feed lips and sprayed 20 rounds of 7.62 all over the kitchen floor...LOL.

Are they as good as GI mags??? No.

BUT: for general use and practice they can take a fair beating and keep on going. There is a key to getting them to work perfect though. Many of the Thermolds have mold flashing on the mag body and the follower. Run over them and trim the flash off with a fine razor then run a patch with some break free on it through the mag body and dab a bit on the follower....after that simple treatment, they run like champs.

I save my G.I., mags for future needs and I use a stockpile of Thermolds for use and abuse. They have held up well for me for many years in both my AR-15s and my M96 and are still going strong.

If you are looking for serious use mags for SHTF times....stick to G.I. mags.
CJan_NH  [Team Member]
4/26/2009 7:41:54 AM EST
Back in the 90s I had dozens of Thermolds in my mag inventory. Stopped using them when I started having durability issues in extreme cold weather shooting. After giving away all of my Thermolds (and Orlites) I switched to USGI exclusively and haven't looked back. Did just try a few Pmags though, and the results so far have been very promising

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Njanear  [Member]
4/26/2009 8:04:17 AM EST
Originally Posted By osprey21:
They have THERMOLD D&D Inc. Wilson, NC USA on the bottom left side.

For clarification: Is that particular marking used ONLY for the Pre-Ban, or is it in use for the Post-Ban too? I believe that is what the OP is asking about.
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