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 AR 15 Fluted stainless , not bull barrel
woodjust4u  [Member]
7/30/2010 3:33:57 PM
Does anyone know who makes a 16 inch .750 fluted stainless steel barrel with the 1/2 x 28 end on it that's not a Bull Barrel? I have surefire quad rail forearm that I don't want to have to replace, Yankee hill makes that nice Diamond pattern but it's only in Gun blue! thanks!
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reelserious  [Team Member]
7/30/2010 6:32:27 PM

Edit oops I missed the part about fluted. No flutes at RRA. I think Bushmaster does.
CaptSchofield  [Team Member]
7/30/2010 6:55:23 PM
Wilson combat 16" stainless fluted
TonyAngel  [Member]
7/31/2010 12:59:34 AM
I think that Sabre Defense makes one too.
woodjust4u  [Member]
7/31/2010 10:03:27 AM
Ok great! thanks for the help!
RRA15  [Member]
7/31/2010 12:01:43 PM
Sabre Defense from PKFirearms link at top of page.
jhc  [Member]
7/31/2010 8:50:58 PM
Good luck finding a 16 inch Sabre barrel I looked everywhere even called them. Not happening. I am looking at the Wilson barrel that is fluted just cant find any feedback on Wilson barrels.
Tigers1363  [Team Member]
7/31/2010 9:27:23 PM
Talk to Steve at ADCO. He can flute one for you.

This is a 16" stainless WOA barrel he fluted and bead blasted for me. Top notch service.

Banditman  [Team Member]
7/31/2010 10:08:00 PM
If you can find a Sabre Defence I would go for it. I have one and
it is a sweet shooting barrel.

woodjust4u  [Member]
8/1/2010 8:01:05 AM
Looks great! I sent him Email so we'll see what he can do for me on monday! Thanks!!
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