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 Rebuild kits for air rifles?
gr8outdrsmn  [Member]
5/29/2007 10:24:01 AM EST
Do any of you guys know of rifles with high fps (700-100 fps) that you can buy rebuild kits for? It would make sense to me to buy a rifle and several rebuild kits instead of several rifles, if it is a more cost effective method. Thanks for any help you can give.
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Waldo  [Moderator]
5/29/2007 10:29:26 AM EST

Get an RWS.
gr8outdrsmn  [Member]
5/29/2007 10:36:27 AM EST
cant seem to find any rebuild kits for them. do you have a link?
red_on_black  [Member]
5/29/2007 10:46:16 AM EST

My understanding is that rebuilding spring-piston air rifles generally requires special tools and fixtures. The springs that drive the piston(s) in your rifle are very stout. I've got a BSA Meteor that needs new piston seals and I stripped it down part way just to take a look. It didn't appear to be the sort of job I could do myself easily. Likewise, when I was younger and shot on a rifle team we always sent our RWS 75s off for service because there was just nothing we could do on them ourselves besides cleaning, oiling, and some simple stock and trigger adjustments.

Air rifles don't hold up as well as firearms when subjected to long storage or abuse. Many piston guns are especially sensitive to dry-firing as it can damage their piston seals (which is what happened to my BSA). It's probably cheaper and more effective to put back a .22 that can handle S, L, and LR and stock lots of shorts, CBs, Colibris, etc. if you're looking for something quiet.
WayneG  [Team Member]
5/29/2007 11:15:18 AM EST
Talk to Jim Maccari. He is the original Springman, and has made a reputation for himself with his springs and tune up kits.

Link here:
45stops-em-quick  [Team Member]
5/29/2007 2:49:20 PM EST
I'm assuming that this is for a survival situation, and if that is the case, don't bother. I've looked into this and IMHO a .22 with cb caps, or better yet, a can and subsonic ammo is much more effective and reliable under SHTF conditions. Less spare parts, less to go wrong, and more powerful.
plateshooter  [Member]
5/30/2007 2:17:44 PM EST
Crosman Quest, Phantom, G1, Storm, Remington Summit etc in 22 or 177 caliber meets your requests. They all have the same power plant. Crosman is the only one I know of that sells all the parts for rebuilding. I have done several of them and the parts are cheap and avaliable. Crosman parts also work in the Gamo 440 220, and Shadow type guns. Flat 4buck shipping on parts orders, and you can usually have them in a week. You can make a spring compressor out of a cheap 6" C clamp and some wood. Look up GTA forums for more information.
JoeyA  [Member]
5/30/2007 2:39:38 PM EST
call the company that maeks the gun if you don't need special tools.
gr8outdrsmn  [Member]
5/30/2007 2:46:44 PM EST
Thanks everyone. I think im getting it narrowed down.
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